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one-stop property professional for your new home  a Design studio‹ that thinKs differently


When choosing the right property, there is a long process of "weeding out" the wrong properties. This process doesn't require your presence. We will visit all potential properties and only recommend to you relevant ones to save you time.

Legal Recommendation

Have peace of mind while being represented by local English-speaking advocates who are more than qualified to represent your rights through the purchasing process.

Mortgage Brokerage

Leave the hassle of arranging a mortgage to us. There are different mortgage tracks that we can tailor for your specific financial requirements, and in foreign currencies.

Currency Conversion

We will set up an In-House account of foreign currency deposited and only convert any amount you instruct, when you choose. In addition we will set up an Israeli bank account for you to conduct your finances.


At Studio Yad we use an innovative approach to architecture where the drafting is completed in a 3-d Autocad format so you can evaluate the space during the concept stage of the project.

Interior Design

Let your designer do all the work for you, from spatial planning to choosing the perfect furniture your professional is by your side.


By implementing different construction technology now offered in the building industry, the final structure can maximize efficiency while minimizing the width of the wall, and the geological footprint the structure leaves behind.


We work with the best in the business! Your designer will oversee all work and even lend a hand if need be to ensure the project gets completed to your satisfaction. "On site and hands on" is the motto that we endorse to enable good work without sacrificing quality and/or aesthetics.

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